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Neman (Ragnit)

  The town of Neman (Ragnit) is the administrative center of the Neman district. It is situated on the left (southern) bank of the Neman River (Memel) in the north-eastern part of the Kaliningrad oblast and is 130 kilometers from the oblast center – the city of Kaliningrad. The distance to the town of Sovetsk is 12 kilometers.
  The town is situated at the site of the ancient Prussian fortress Raganita conquered by the Teutonic Order in 1277. A castle was founded on the ruins of the Prussian fortress; soon there was established the settlement of «Landeshutte», which soon acquired importance. The settlement was eventually renamed as Ragnit, and in 1722 it was granted the rights of a town. Until 1945, the town was a part of Germany (its East Prussia province); after the World War II it was transferred to the USSR. In 1946, Ragnit was renamed as Neman.
  The Neman district comprises 3 rural okrugs, 49 rural settlements are situated in its territory.
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